Lift Lessors, a.k.a. "Regional Airlines"

Update July 16, 2014

The once-independent "regional airline" industry has almost totally transitioned into the business of leasing lift to major airline brands. SkyWest leases aircraft and crews to five major carrier brands, for example. The passengers and fare revenues are those of the major carrier.
In computing and considering operational performance metrics, the situation is essentially the same as the relationship that United or American or Delta have with companies that directly lease them aircraft. The main difference is that small lift providers include crews. That much said, these entities are now critical parts of major airline operations. For example, over 50% of American-branded departures are now outsourced to these companies. The figure for United is over 60%

These are businesses that fly airliners. Therefore the relative performance in this sector is of value. In this section,™ compares contract flying for each of the major airlines.

        Tables below provide the affiliate impact for the airlines covered by this website since year 2003. A summary of each airlines regional affiliation is provided below the table.

        Graphs provide comparisons for selected metrics.

Note: If data is not available, that cell is left blank.







[1] Fleet includes owned and operated jets per SEC filings.
[2] Consolidated includes mainline and affiliate.
[3] Revenue is from Capacity Purchase Agreements and Contracted fees.
[4] Affiliate expense includes all known costs attributed to affiliates and owned subsidiaries.
[5] Excludes special and one time charges.
[6] Affiliate capacity is considered all domestic for this analysis.

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