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Percent of Operations Outsourced By Network Carrier

Change In Year-Over-Year Capacity - May, 2014

Top US O&D Airports - Third Quarter, 2013

These financial models and tables have been formatted to provide consolidated data aligned with SEC reports. 

Side-by-side summaries of historical data for the largest carriers can be linked below the individual airlines.

(Separate mainline and affiliate data can be selected from
[Network Carrier Brands] [Non-Network Carriers] and [Mainline Affiliate] pages). 

The table at the bottom of each airline's chart provides revenue and earning projections from LLC with comparisons to First Call estimates. EBITDAR and margin calculations are also included. 

Charts now provide year-over-year ratios for most SEC expense/revenue line items. Ratios of operating expense and operating revenue are provided for the year and most recent four quarters ending as noted.

Industry side-by-side summaries and miscellaneous reports are listed and can be linked to just below the individual airlines.


Reports in an interactive Excel format can be ordered. These interactive reports provide user friendly options to make -what if- changes to numerous financial and operational categories for the current quarter and year.

Changes you make will automatically calculate the applicable operational and financial metrics.
Earnings projections, EBITDAR and margins are also adjusted from your -what if- changes. 

A PDF read only version is available.

Financial models are defaulted for LLC projections as of the date shown.

 Note: The interactive version requires Excel to use. For a free Excel reader from Microsoft, click here.

Financial/operational reports listed below are dated and available for free.

The most current financial/operational reports can be sent to you for a small fee.

here for the order form. The reports listed below are [ Item #100 ]

The purchase of these reports will include the most current four quarters and current year with future projections. The next two quarterly reports will be sent automatically at no additional charge
(all fees subject to change without notice).   

Alaska Airlines            AS_Q1_2014.pdf
24.7 KB
        Q1 2014

American Airlines       AA_Q1_2014.pdf
43.6 KB
         Q1 2014

Delta Air Lines           DL_Q1_2014.pdf
35.4 KB
         Q1 2014

JetBlue Airlines         B6_Q1_2014.pdf
42.3 KB
          Q1 2014

United Airlines          UA_Q1_2014.pdf
23.1 KB
Q1 2014

US Airways              US_Q4_2013m.pdf
32.2 KB
        Q4 2013

Southwest Airlines    WN_Q1_2014.pdf
32.4 KB
          Q1 2014

Annual and quarterly summaries can be linked to here.

These are one page side-by-side comparisons of the 9 largest airlines. Summaries now include EBITDAR and margin calculations.

The most current annual and quarterly summary can be ordered here [ Item #100 ] and includes the next two updates.

1st quarter 2014 Summary   PDF ver

quarter 2013 Summary    Q4_2013_Industry_Summary__parent_.pdf
32.4 KB

3rd quarter 2011 Summary    Q3_2011_SUMMARY__parent_.pdf
94.6 KB

2nd quarter 2011 Summary  
PDF ver

1st quarter 2011 Summary     PDF ver

3rd quarter 2010 Summary    PDF ver

2nd quarter 2010 Summary    PDF ver

1st quarter 2010 Summary     PDF ver

4th quarter 2009 Summary   
PDF ver

3rd quarter 2009 Summary    
PDF ver

2nd quarter 2009 Summary    PDF ver


Miscellaneous financial reports and outlook can be linked to here.

Year 2009 EPS/Revenue/Income Summary                PDF ver 

Year 2009 Industry summary and ratio comparisons  PDF ver   (last update = 3/10/2010)
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